What we do

The Beam Network is created for women, by women and for investors, by investors.  We believe that women deserve greater involvement in the management of their wealth and finances. Our purpose is to be a catalyst for change, a women's network that educates and connects to promote inclusive and sustainable economic opportunities.​

* We are not professional investors or certified financial advisors, we concentrate solely on education. For financial advice based on your individual circumstances, we suggest you speak to an independent financial advisor directly.


Women's financial lives are typically more complex than men's with career patterns, parenthood, divorce, and longer life spans. These differences require women wealth owners to be more engaged with the management of their investments through their lifetimes.





The Beam Network's education platform is a safe and private financial learning space with a world-class curriculum created for female wealth holders by leading financial practitioners and academics. 




The Beam Network creates a community of like-minded women through online forums and in-person events.  We work with women wealth holders of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities that realise the need for change, and that believe that change comes through inclusion, education and empowerment so that we can achieve balanced economic growth.


Wealth Management


At The Beam Network, we provide access to user-friendly tools and resources that gives you the confidence and ability to make informed and purposeful investment decisions.


Financial Industry Collaboration

At The Beam Network, we have worked with financial institutions, practitioners and academics to create our education programme and develop our learning events. We work with the industry to help advisors and firms understand what women want and need.



When you become a member of The Beam Network, you'll have access to our educational programme.

Our Education Programme has two primary levels:


OBJECTIVE:  The Beam Network Foundations Course is designed to help you master the basics of financial and investment knowledge: from mapping the industry players to understanding the key concepts, it will help you cut through the jargon and accelerate your investment confidence.

TUTOR:  Designed and delivered by Aunnie Patton Power.

COURSE:  The Beam's Foundations Course covers six modules:

 Course Expectations and Finance Basics

 Breaking Down Financial Statements

 Investment Deep Dive I - Debt

 Investment Deep Dive II - Public Equity

 Investment Deep Dive III - Private Markets

 Building a Portfolio: Combining Investment        

   Classes and Opportunities


             12 hours of active learning

            ■ Pre-recorded lectures

             Quizzes and recommended reading

            3 office hours sessions

             Access to faculty and advisors throughout

All Members need to complete the Foundations Course before they can access the Building Blocks courses.

OBJECTIVE:  The Beam Network's Building Blocks courses are designed to create a bespoke learning curriculum around your needs and interests. We offer several courses that you can choose from throughout the year: from Real Estate to Impact Investing. Our options will help solidify your financial and investment knowledge so you can take control of your wealth management.

TUTOR:  Designed and delivered by our guest faculty.

COURSE:  Some examples of the Building Blocks include:

                Asset Allocation Strategies

                Family Offices: What's Right for You?

                Wealth Succession and Legacy Planning

                Real Estate: Emerging Trends

                Effective Wealth Planning 

                Evaluating your Financial Advisors        

                Strategic Philanthropy

                Impact Investing

               Building your Impact Thesis

                Get What You Want From Your Finances

                Understanding Hedge Funds

                Tax Structure


New subjects are continuously added.