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We handpick innovative companies and brands that are strategically aligned with our mission to develop bespoke initiatives and drive change. Through our various partnerships and campaigns we can bring our messaging, expertise, insightsand vision to your community.

These initiatives are designed to be a tool for you to be able to bring added value to your clients, help you better serve attract and retain female clients and enhance client retention through this added insight, among many other benefits.


Learn more about our corporate initiatives, workshops, speaking opportunities among much more.


Offer your clients a transformational experience to unpack the practical and emotional complexities of wealth. We work with a network of experts and coaches, to facilitate a safe space to connect,  learn and grow. On occasions, our founders facilitate these initiatives and bring their own experience as women wealth holders which adds incredible value. 

The goal is to create a space to build trust with clients and allow them to share their perspectives in a peer-to-peer environment.


Some of the topics covered in these sessions include: Stepping Into Your Power, Successful Succession, Raising Responsible, Grounded Kids or Championing Your Financial Journey among many others. 



With the guidance of an expert coach, coaching circles are designed to help your clients reach their full potential and forge priceless relationships.  


The Beam focuses on creating content relevant to our mission:

- Global Content: Our curated Beam content can be used in newsletters, blogs, or social channels. We focus on pressing matters around wealth, the power of using capital in innovative ways, teaching children about money and our expertise of empowering women in their financial journey.

- Bespoke Content: We have the ability to generate tailored content for your clients/partners using our experts and research.
We want our storytelling to resonate and connect with your audience.

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We have opportunities for relevant expert guest speakers to address our members. Our founders are also regular speakers on issues around women and wealth management, investing, finding the right team, stewardship, raising responsible next gens, innovative philanthropy and more.


We handpick innovative companies and brands that are strategically aligned with our mission to develop bespoke initiatives and drive change. We focus on bringing our messaging, insights and vision to your community, through different partnerships and campaigns.


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