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Last week we celebrated our second 'Women in Wealth' event in London! We gathered together over a delightful spread of breakfast treats and mocktails to connect with an amazing group of professionals in the wealth management and private client industries, to discuss ways to better serve women clients.

Our Co-Founders created The Beam as a response to their own experience as female wealth holders. An essential part of our mission is to work with the financial industry to ensure that women have the support they need. We are excited to see a community of industry leaders forming, open to sharing experiences and challenges with one another to gather valuable insights around attracting and retaining female clients.

Here are some areas that wealth leaders expressed they'd like to know more about:

- The deeper reasons behind different client confidence levels

- How to promote educational opportunities that enable individuals to voice their knowledge gaps and areas of interest

- How to build trust

- Treading the line between educating and mansplaining

We also took the opportunity to present our newest initiatives of collaboration with the industry. As an independent organisation, we focus on community, connection and education. By working in tandem with partners, we offer a complementary approach that drives impactful change.

We firmly believe that by increasing the collective impact of women investors, we can create a lasting positive change.

If you want to learn more about initiatives to support female clients contact us at

We can't wait to start working on the next event to continue moving forward.


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