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Last week, we hosted our inaugural Women in Wealth event in Geneva! 🎉 We met with a thriving community of professionals in the wealth management and private client industries, to discuss serving female clients better. We extend our gratitude to Marc A. Moret from Lobnek Wealth Management for their invaluable collaboration and for playing a key role in making this event a success.

During our insightful discussions, one theme stood out: the power of community. Women desire connections and the ability to share experiences, enabling them to make more informed decisions. We also delved into the significance of cultural dynamics and the need to minimise jargon.

The Beam Network is a global community of women wealth holders who empower one another, through connection and financial education, to invest in line with their values and create a better world.

At The Beam, we offer practical ways to partner with us and support your female clients, including workshops, coaching circles, content creation and referral benefits! Interested in learning more? Contact us at


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