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1. Neglected heirs: widows who take over the family finances

Read here: (Financial Times)

"By 2025, it is estimated that women will hold 60 per cent of Britain’s wealth, having inherited most of it from their deceased spouses, according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research. Yet a survey from Schroders found that only 7 per cent of wealth managers have dedicated strategies in place to retain, attract and advise female clients."

2. IMPACT: The Musical! ("What If")

Watch here: (Youtube)

"Chorus 1:

What if instead of focusing on what money buys What if instead of buying into financial lies What if there could be more to what our capital does What if we started saving up for what will save us What if we redefined what money is and can do What if we thought of capital as energy too What if we thought of cash in a completely new vein What if we utilized our funds for impact not gain"

3. The Great Crypto Grift May Be Unwinding

Read here: (New Yorker)

"Following gyrations last week of the TerraUSD stablecoin, and the evisceration of the Luna cryptocurrency that’s linked to it, investors’ willingness to swallow hot air appears to be diminishing. “Hyped and leveraged areas of crypto . . . are seeing mass liquidations, as it is becoming clearer that all the elevated prices were traded on speculation, with limited real user demand,” Morgan Stanley said, in a research report published late last week. N.F.T.s could be the next crypto asset to watch, the report added, noting that the only reason many investors bought these assets was because they thought prices were going higher."


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