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Last week, we held our first real estate investment class in London. It was a pleasure to provide a safe space for our members to learn about this asset class.

We were treated to a full morning programme which began with a panel discussion with expert speakers Dr Martina Pacifici, Sustainability Lead for ADAM Architecture and Roarie Scarisbrick, Partner at Property Vision, a leading buying agent.

We covered a range of topics on the London prime property market including recent trends, common buying pitfalls, yield calculations, the effect of stamp duties as well as sustainability trends and regulations. New strict regulation is making sustainability in design more pertinent than ever.

👇 6 things we learned at our Real Estate Building Block about the London Property Market 👇

Following the panel discussion, we visited a stunning houseboat development and gained valuable insights into successful property developments:

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our exceptional speakers for sharing their valuable insights and wisdom, and offering us valuable tips for managing our real estate decisions.


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